Global Hair Transplant Board

About GHTB

This board has been conceived by an international committee, for conducting certification examinations for a global caption population of hair transplant surgeons. The examiners have a minimum of 20 years of experience and who have made a mark in their career. Set criteria will be framed to be eligible to become examiners for conducting the Global Hair Transplant Board (GHTB) certification examination. The examiners will be selected by the members of the exam committee. The members of the examination committee will be re-elected every 3 years by the board of directors of FUE Asia. The vision of the board is to create and maintain highest and uniform standards for the hair transplant surgeons across the globe.

Why an GHTB certified surgeon?

Hair restoration procedures are highly technical and require expertise, skill and training of qualified and registered medical personnel. In order to maintain the highest standards of the hair transplant surgeons across the globe, Global Hair Transplant Board (GHTB) has launched a certification which will be provided to the candidate after qualifying the annual examination conducted by the board. A candidate can apply for the GHTB examination via fellowship or honorary route, as per the fulfilment of the set eligibility criteria (for details see below).

A comprehensive examination shall be conducted consisting of oral, written and practical components judging the applicant’s knowledge and surgical skills in the field of hair restoration. The examination shall be conducted by pioneer hair restoration surgeons of the world who have made a mark in the field of hair restoration with a minimum of 20 years experience in the field.

Doctor — who want to enroll for this charitable initiative at their center send email at

Patient — If you want to register send email at

Why an GHTB certification unique ?

  • The examination fee is nominal and is a single time payment only. This is especially beneficial for the developing Asian countries where the budding hair restoration surgeons can’t afford high examination fees every year.

  • In order to maintain the highest standards of the hair transplant surgeons across the globe, the GHTB examination has been designed to be very rigorous so that only the best candidates are able to qualify it. The conduct of the GHTB examination is different from the other examinations in having an additional component of practical examination along with oral and written examination where the applicant has to demonstrate adequate skills on all steps of hair restoration surgery.

  • GHTB also has a rigid criteria set for the examiners. The examiners shall be renowned authorities in the field of hair restoration with a minimum of 20 years of experience with 5 or more publications/ textbook chapters in the field of hair restoration.

  • The eligibility criterias for application mentioned on the website are different as compared to the criterias for ABHRS examination for both the routes. Only qualified dermatologists (MD/DNB/DDVL) and plastic surgeons (MCh/DNB) are eligible to appear for the exam.

  • Also we have our own unique separate point-based system for meeting the eligibility criteria that includes additional criterias such as number of textbook chapters authored and number of publications on hair restoration by the applicant along with letter of recommendation, BLS/ACLS certificate, demonstration of evidence of their previous work in hair restoration as a chief/ assisting surgeon.

GHTB Examination

  1. Fellowship route– The Fellowship route is a comprehensive journey that unfolds in two essential steps.
  • The initial phase involves a rigorous assessment through Multiple Choice Questions, delving into the fundamentals of trichology, trichoscopy, and therapeutic trichology. This step encompasses a broad spectrum, encompassing both medical management and surgical techniques for hair restoration, as well as insights into regenerative trichology. Candidates are tested on their grasp of the basics, ensuring a solid foundation in the diverse aspects of the field.

  • Following successful navigation of the theoretical landscape, the second step awaits, marked by a practical examination and a grand viva.

  • Eligibility criteria: Qualified Dermatologist ( MD/DNB/DDVL) or Plastic surgeons ( Mch /DNB) with minimum 1 year of experience in hair restoration.

 2.  Honorary route 

  • It comprises of grand viva

Upcoming GHTB examination

       Fellowship route  (USD 299):

  • To be conducted on 14/01/2024 10 AM onwards during 2nd FUE Asia World Congress at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai.

         Honorary route (USD 799)*:

  • To be conducted on 13/01/2024 (Timing to be announced) during 2nd FUE Asia World Congress at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai.

* The certificates for the honorary route examination conducted during the 1st FUE Asia World Congress will be distributed on January 13, 2024, during the 2nd FUE Asia World Congress, with the esteemed guest of honors being Dr. Rassman and Dr. True. 

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