Benefits of the Scholarship

SCHOLARSHIP allows 1000 euro discount on registration fee for FUE EUROPE Annual Hands on Training WORKSHOP in Turkey 22 23 March

Selection Process

  • Candidate has to be FUEASIA MEMBER (you can become a member by clicking on link below
    https://fueasia.org/become-a-member/) .
  • Only allowed for Residents or physicians 30 years and below.
  • Can only apply for 1 FUEASIA scholarship every 3 years

Deadline for Submission

 last date of submission of request is 21st February 2024

How To Apply :

Send the application request on scientific@fueasia.org with your contact details, specialization, Medical registration number and publications related to follicular science ( MEDICAL, REGENERATIVE TRICHOLOGY or Hair restoration)

We look forward to welcoming you at the FUE Asia Conference 2024!

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