FUE Global Board Vision and Mission Statement


FUE Global Board envisions a world where hair restoration professionals collaborate seamlessly on a global scale, advancing the field of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) through education, innovation, and ethical practices. We strive to bridge regional variations, combining scientific expertise and practical insights to advance the field on a global scale.


The mission of FUE Global Board is to unite the strengths of FUE Asia, FUE Europe, and LAHRC, fostering a collaborative platform that promotes and enhances the FUE method worldwide. Emphasizing scientific research, knowledge exchange, and patient education, our collective efforts aim to establish FUE as a gold standard in hair restoration. Through collaboration, education, and shared resources, we aim to elevate the standards of hair restoration globally, ensuring optimal patient outcomes and fostering professional growth within the industry.


1. FUE Global Academy

* Establish an online academy to conduct webinars, providing a platform for knowledge exchange among members of FUE Asia, FUE Europe, and their partners.
* Offer complimentary webinar access to society members, fostering continuous learning and collaboration.
* Board Certification

2. Research and Development

Establish a global research initiative, collaborating with scientists and professionals from different regions, to fund and conduct basic research aimed at advancing FUE techniques.

3. Scholarship and Training Programs

* Initiate scholarship programs aimed at supporting the education and training of young professionals in the field of hair restoration.
* Develop comprehensive training modules to enhance the skills of practitioners worldwide, ensuring the highest standards of patient care.

4. Networking and Collaboration

Foster a global community that encourages the exchange of ideas, experiences, and methodologies, with a focus on the practical aspects of FUE.

# The 1st FUE Global World Congress in Cyprus in 2024, hosted by FUE Europe. The congress will serve as a platform for international networking, showcasing cutting-edge research, and sharing best practices.

#The 2nd FUE Global World Congress in Delhi in 2025, hosted by FUE Asia
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